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Rare Hmong Beaded Necklaces

Hmong Beaded Necklaces Now Available on My Etsy Shop
By Hmong Creations Pang nya

Hmong toddler wearing a Hmong beaded necklace by Hmong Creations 2018
   Hmong beaded necklaces are rare.  To this day I have not see one in person.  A thorough google and facebook search gave me zero pictures so I couldn't share with you all how beautiful they are. I have seen pictures but sadly cannot recall where they were online.  If anyone has a photo they would like to share with me please do so and I will post it on here for others to see.  I would love to see the many creative kinds there are out there as everyone has their own way of making them.  
     I believe they originated from when necklaces would be made for hmong dolls.  A search of vintage Hmong dolls also came up short and I was not able to find many.  If you or a family friend has vintage dolls please take photos and upload them.  I need to go home and take photos of the 4 dolls my mom has at home. I didn't realize there actually are not very many pictures of vintage Hmong dolls at all online.  Please feel free to tag me at @hmongcreations on facebook. I would love to see them!  I remember seeing other children wear them when I was younger at new years.  I don't think any of my close relatives even own one.  It wasn't until I had my babies I started to search for them.  Not surprisingly no one makes them anymore.  So that inspired me to make my own version and share them with all of you.  

Hmong Clothes & Jewelry FB Group

Hmong Clothes & Jewelry FB Group

Pictures of Hmong traditional hmong dolls found on Facebook using the key term "hmong dolls".

     Back in 2016 I made some beaded necklaces.  I sold them for $70 each because of how long it took me to make each piece.  I am thinking about wanting to even repurchase them back because I just haven't had the energy to make more the same way.  If you purchased one in the past and you are now thinking about selling it I would love to buy it back. I am sad I didn't even save one for my daughter.  Maybe one of these days I'll muster up the energy to make more.  My 2016 version, each and every bead I strung on string and then sewed the pieces all together.  It took me multiple attempts to figure out how I would make it look as close to as the real hmong paug. 

"...not a 1 hour project...I loved making them..."

Hmong boy wearing a Hmong beaded necklace with a pink pendant by Hmong Creations. 2016.

Hmong boy wearing a Hmong beaded necklace with a green pendant by Hmong Creations. 2016.

Hmong beaded necklace by  HmongCreations 2016

Hmong beaded necklace by  HmongCreations 2016

       At that time I was very into resin.  I made so many items with resin and then I came up with the idea of making resin out of Hmong charms.  They are very light weight compared to actual Hmong charms.  So they are perfect for children to wear all day.  I wish you good luck if you ever decide to work with resin as it is quite tricky to get right.  I think the total time it took me to make each necklace was about 24 hours.  Making and painting the pendant alone was a 3-4 hour process but also a 24 hour waiting game for the resin to harden.  It is definitely not a 1 hour project. I loved making them and they were all so adorable.  I hope that all who purchased them will cherish and love them and pass them onto the next generation.

" They are very light weight..."

Hmong star with mold by Hmong Creations. 2018. 

Spirit lock mold by Hmong Creations. 2018. 
Hmong charm molds by Hmong Creations. 2018  

      Fast forward to today 2018, I have had a few request for beaded necklaces.  I decided I would give it another go and come up with a faster way of making these adorable necklaces.  They are not hard to make but process of making them is the longest.  I like working on projects I know I can get done in the same day.  Projects that take longer than a day stress me out.  In this case I wait 24 hours for the charms to cure and once I paint them I have to wait again.  

Hmong boy wearing beaded necklace by HmongCreations 2018

" I like working on projects I know I can get done the same day"

                                                                                    Hmong  beaded necklace by HmongCreations 2018
      This is my new design for 2018.  Maybe next year I will have another design or I'll stop making them all together.  This style makes it easier and faster for putting everything together. I have a few listed on my website Hmong Creations for $55. Each necklace has 2 spirit locks and 1 star.  I can also add more stars or paint the stars in more detail but I would charge extra.  These are one of a kind necklaces and no one necklace is exactly the same. This necklace is also easier to take on and off.  In the previous version you had to un-clip 2 clasps in the front which could be difficult if your baby won't stand still. With this new version you can just un-clip it in the back like a necklace. 

Hmong  beaded necklace by HmongCreations 2018 

Hmong  beaded necklace by HmongCreations 2018

      I really do hope you love this necklace as much as I do.  Another bonus is that it will never tarnish so you can keep it forever. Also it is made to fit about a 1 year old and up.  The necklace even fits me! I would say the round part of the necklace is about 18 inches.  There is an extended chain on there if you were to like it to hang lower on the chest. You can also clip it in the back with a safety pin to make it more of chocker necklace style for you or your baby. 

Do you have a rare hmong beaded necklace? 
Tag me @hmongcreations on facebook. 
I would love to see. 


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