Sunday, April 4, 2021

COVID 2021

Hello 2021!

WOW. I cannot believe I last posted in 2019. So much has changed for us and I am sure for you as well.  

Things I did during COVID 2021.

Learned how to make charcuterie board. This was a lot of fun with the kids. I suppose I use to like to cook but I've always enjoyed the decorating part the best. Maybe it was because my whole life I feel like i would never be an excellent cook so I gave up on that dream. lol.  

 John went exploring in the woods with my dad. first and last. lol

In fall of 2021 the kids also when back to school <3 My little kindergartener and second grader.  In the beginning of 2021 I had a miscarriage and I was so sad. We saw the little sac with baby but no heart beat. A couple weeks later there was still no heart beat and baby passed.   It was the first time I had the thought that maybe God is only going to give me these 2 beautiful babies.  I am so grateful to be a mom and they mean the world to me. I am so proud of their little accompliments they have everyday. I hear over and over how good kids they are from their teachers and friends.  I love them so much! They make our how full of noise and love and fun and energy. 

Elephant ear at the fair. I ate so much food during 2020-2021. I know I have gained over 50 pounds. 

Enjoying the sun with some yummy food. 

This was my dad's birthday and we took him to try this sushi boat.  My mom was so happy. lol.

Spending time with the grand parents and great grand parents. This year also my grandpa had a stroke. We were defiantly worried. I know my dad especially was worried. He was there watching over grandpa what seemed like 24/7.  This was all during covid so only 1 person could go into see him.  This photo was taken after he came out and after recovery.  Glad we were able to capture this sweet moment. 

First ever Hmong family photo shoot with my in laws. I was hesitate to spend time with family.  Maybe it was because I was surrounded by patients who thought they had Covid and I heard about Covid all the time and had meetings about covid on a daily basis at work. We worked as a team delivering the news to patients and assuring them as best as we could. Covid was very real in my life.  I give so much respect to those who treated Covid patients in the hospital. What they had to mentally prepare for everyday when they went to work and when they came back home I can't even imagine how they felt.  I am happy we were able to capture this sweet moment with my in laws.  John my husband also lost his oldest brother in December 2020.  I know many of you probably lost someone close to you.  We had planned to go to Florida for our annual Disney trip with my sister and her family.  I really had to step back and ask John what he wanted to do.  Anything he wanted and what ever he needed I would be there for him. He decided to just stay home and that what we did. It was a difficult time and I still have a heard time understanding the real pain that someone goes through when they lose someone.  It almost seems like a defense mechanism that I have where I just go numb and forget about my feelings. I find things to burry myself in and busy so my emotions don't get in my way.  

Lots of time with my little family.  I was constantly trying to find out door things for our little family to do.  We went to almost every beach around us and swimming place. Lots of sun for us. 

Sleeping in the garage trying to not infect my family with COVID since I worked at the covid clinic site.  I rotated between covid clinic site, urgent care, and family practice. That was defiantly a huge learning experience for me as I navigated through it. I remember the day I was working and I got the text that they would be shutting down the fast cares for now and we would all be at urgent care.  I learned so much at urgent care.  I was even able to suture minor cuts there.  Thanks to my surgical back ground holding the needle driver and suturing I had seen a million times so it felt natural for me.  Then on to the covid clinic site I went. Full gown, change in scrubs, seeing possible positive covid+ patients. We worked it like an urgent care but saw those with respiratory illnesses. Then I would go to family practice clinics as well.  

Tested out as proficient in speaking hmong for my job :) This year it was also a goal of mine to test out of Hmong.  I always think of the legal things that I will run into in everything that I do so this has made me feel more comfortable when Hmong members decline translators which is always because I can speak hmong. Having this certification now means I don't need a translator and that possibly my schedule with be loaded more with Hmong patients and bonus pay. lol


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COVID 2021

Hello 2021! WOW. I cannot believe I last posted in 2019. So much has changed for us and I am sure for you as well.   Things I did during COV...