Friday, August 31, 2018

Remove your personal information from

by Pangnya

     I can't believe I am applying for graduation! I need to download an app for a count down.  Anyways more about this crazy website that I found. I needed to verify my parents address because I needed a place for my diploma to be sent.  We are sadly planning to move away from Madison sometime next year so I wanted to be sure my diploma got some where safe.  So all I did was enter in my parent's address into google and WOW!  I saw my mom's name with our address so clicked on the link and it was so shocking.  All my mom's personal information was on there.  Also the emails that was on there was my sisters and my families personal emails.  They also had a good listing of where we lived even back to 1994!  So scammers could potentially use all this information to make you think they really are from the IRS because who KNEW this information was just all online. I remember there was a website a long time ago that was similar AND I took everyone OFF.  I can't remember that site and but I was not shocked to find another just like it.  One page at time I will get rid of my personal information from these vicious sites.  This one is called  Just click on the blue link and it will take you there!  Below you will see a video where I take my dad off.  And then I did a screen shots of taking my mom off. 

Here you see my mom's information! Also most of the people that listed as relatives I knew! It also shows the correct city my mom lives in and the city she had lived in before! The AKA are also correct because my dad changed his name after citizenship and they had his old name on there. 


This page you see the get unlimited red box.  I'm wondering if that is what those scammers use in order to get you to think they have all this information on you and try to scam you.  You also see the email addresses on my dad's video and shockly it was my sisters and brother's emails! 

Here you see that they listed our addresses way back to 1994! The is so crazy that where they get this information they just claim they get it online! but WHO! WHO is the SOURCE! As I'm writing this I'm getting heated and very upset! Because this is the second time I've found a site like this.  I also found MANY MORE! But this one was the one with the MOST information!  



Type in or just click on the blue. This takes you to this page with the 2 boxes you have to check. You also have to verify that you are not a robot so you ahve to do the test thing.  As you can see in the video they don't make it easy for you! I spent 8 minutes just clicking on the pictures! I realized that if i did it too slow by the time i would click on all the pictures, the first picture already changed!


Once you get it though you press the begin removal process! 


Type in your name again and you'll be able to see a red button now that says REMOVE MY RECORD. 



Now you click on that and then you see this page RECORD REMOVAL COMPLETE!
I went back to search for my mom and she was not there.  So that is a good thing it actually worked! 



I removed only myself, husband, and mom and then I get THIS!!!!!!

Can you believe these people! I had to get on another electronic with a different IP address and I was fine.

I really hope you share this with your friends and family. There has been an increase in SCAM calls and I wanted to do this video to put it out there especially for the Hmong parents who wouldn't think it was a scam because this SCAMMER has all my phone and information!

This is the main reason why I did this video speaking mostly HMONG so that hopefully parents can understand these disgusting people that exist in this day in age.

Thank you for ready and I hope you all have a great LABOR DAY!


Thank you for visiting! Have a great day!

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